IV. List of Abbreviations

3PL 3rd Party Logics
ACL Agent Communication Language
AI Artificial Intelligence
AIMA Artificial Intelligence: a Modern Approach
AIP Advanced Information Processing
ALife Artificial Life
ATC Advanced Technology Centres
B2B Business to Business
B2C Business to Consumer
BDI Belief Desires and Intention
BU Business Unit
C&C Command and Control
CEng Chartered Engineer
COTS Commercial Off the Shelf
CRM Customer Relationship Management
DAI Distributed Artificial Intelligence
DPS Distributed Problem Solving
EASSS European Agent Systems Summer School
EC European Community
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EngD Engineering Doctorate
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
FIPA Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents
FOAS Future Offensive Air System
GE General Electric
GHost Generic Host
GUI Graphical User Interface
HMS Holonic Manufacturing Systems
HR Human Resources
IPR Intellectual Property
IPT Integrated Product Teams
IT Information Technology
JIT Just in Time
JSF Joint Strike Fighter
JV Joint Venture
LMS Logistics Management System
MAS Multi-Agent Systems
MES Marconi Electronics Systems
MOD Ministry of Defence
MOEA Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm
MRP Manufacturing Resources and Planning
NAO National Audit Office
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NCW Network Centric Warfare
NEC Network Enabled Capability
NN Neural Network
NSF National Science Foundation
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OEI Operational Efficiency Improvement
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OMCD Organisational Metrics Concept Demonstrator
OMG Object Management Group
OOP Object Oriented Programming
PDA Personal Data Assistants
PLACA Planning Communicating Agents
R&D Research & Development
SCM Supply Chain Management
SOF Self-Organisation Factor
SOM Self-Organising Maps
SOS Self-Organising Systems
SoS Systems of Systems
TRACER Tactical Reconnaissance Armoured Combat Equipment Requirement
UAV Unmanned Air Vehicle
UCAV Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle
UML Unified Modelling Language
V/STOL Vertical/Short Take Off and Landing
VC Venture Capitalist
WIP Work in Process
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